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7 Days



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Hiking, local cuisine, whale watching, historical tours, sea kayaking, natural history

Level 2 - Easy+

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Starting at: $4525 CAD per person


Immerse yourself in the Bay of Fundy, home of the Highest Tides in the World, where you will discover the remarkable communities that make up this dynamic coast. Stay on FDR’s “Beloved Island” of Campobello and hike, dine, and kayak your way through villages hewn by the sea. Ride the currents past towering caves that are shaped by the passage of time. This unique and authentic experience promises a comfortable pace that is well suited to the leisurely traveller in us all.

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  • Discover Saint John, Canada’s oldest incorporated city

  • Explore the coastal panoramic views on the Fundy Trail Parkway

  • Stay at the Roosevelt Cottages on Eleanor and FDR’s “Beloved Island” of Campobello

  • Explore the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO Stonehammer Geopark

  • Sea Kayak past the St. Martins Sea Caves at high tide

  • Hike on the Fundy Trail Parkway

  • Enjoy a Maritime lobster dinner

  • Watch for whales on the Bay of Fundy


Have breakfast at the Hilton’s York Bistro before walking the historic uptown of Saint John, Canada’s oldest incorporated city. After that, start towards the Village of St. Martins. Kayak at hight tide along world famous sea caves and discover cliffs carved by wind, water, and time. Check into the St. Martins Country Inn, home of a major shipbuilding family, overlooking the Bay of Fundy.


Start your day with breakfast at Vaughn’s Restaurant before walking the ocean floor and discovering the sea caves at low tide. After a trailside lunch, continue on to hiking in the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere from the Fundy Trail Parkway. Return to St. Martins and learn about the rich cultural history. From shipbuilding families to women ship Captains, your connection to the region is hidden in the stories. Finish the night with a beach barbeque and entertainment along the Bay of Fundy.


Enjoy your final morning in St. Martins before departing west to the Fundy Isles Archipelago. Ferry through the islands on your way to Campobello, where you will check in to the historical Roosevelt Cottages at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Among all the highlights of the day, the greatest is Tea With Eleanor. Experience the life and lore of the First Lady through stories from locals about her time on the beloved island.


This day is certainly a day of exploration and discovery. After departing the Adams House, travel the same carriage roads the Roosevelts traveled on to hike along the same beaches they frequented. Have lunch at the world famous Head Harbour Lighthouse before heading out to sea in search of whales. If you’re lucky, you could see the Finback Whale, reaching sizes up to 89.6ft, this is the second largest animal in the world and entirely awe-inspiring. Head back to the Roosevelt Cottages to have cocktails with FDR, followed by a lobster dinner.


Breakfast and some free time on Campobello ease you into your short boat ride to the town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea. The history of St. Andrews will not be lost as you take a historic tour with the most prominent guide from the area. At the end of your tour, you will arrive at Kingsbrae Gardens, where you will be wowed by Chef Alex Haun and his local creations. Check in to yet another historical destination, complete with a ghost story or two, and stay at the Algonquin Resort.


Enjoy a buffet breakfast at the Resort and visit Minister’s Island. Stick close to your guides, as you are only able to get on or off this island at low tide. Have the afternoon to explore St. Andrews for yourself before attending a farewell dinner at the highly regarded Rossmount Inn.


One last breakfast together at the Algonquin Resort before you are shuttled to the Saint John Airport and head home.


What's Included

  • Local guides

  • Accommodations

  • All meals included in the itinerary

  • Park fees

  • Harmonized sales tax (15%)

What's not Included

  • Airfare and airfare taxes

  • Guide and driver gratuities

  • Travel insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • Shuttles to and from the airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Red Rock Adventure can create a specific meal plan for individuals with any dietary restrictions.

Just be sure to let us know well before your arrival.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

  • Clothes appropriate for activity in the day's weather

  • Water bottles

  • Footwear you wouldn't mind getting wet

  • Camera

What should guests bring?

Red Rock Adventure has some gear that hikers can rent. Including sleeping bags, mats, and trekking poles.

Do you have gear I can rent or use?

Guests have the ability to cancel a tour reservation they have made. It is required by Red Rock Adventure that a guest cancel their booking a minimum of four (4) hours before the departure time, and will cancel the evening before if the trip starts between 8:00am and 12:00pm the next day.

Guests will be given a full refund of their deposit(s) if a tour is cancelled by your lead guide due to weather.

What is the cancellation policy for day trips?

  • Paddle Canada certified guide(s)

  • All necessary kayaking equipment

  • Kayaking specific flotation device

  • Safety briefing

  • How to Paddle 101

  • Dry bags (if needed)

  • Smoked salmon snack

What does Red Rock Adventure provide for the kayak tours?

  • Friendly and experienced guide(s)

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners while on trail

  • Support team (transports group gear, food and tents)

  • Group Gear (trekking poles, tents, sleeping bags, etc.)

  • Footpath interpretation

  • First aid and rescue gear

What does red Rock Adventure provide on multi-day hiking tours?

Guests have the ability to cancel a tour reservation they have made.

  • 90 days from departure: No Charge
    60 to 89 days from departure: 25% of trip cost

  • 45 to 59 days from departure: 50% of trip cost

  • 44 days or less from departure: 100% of trip cost

What is the cancellation policy for multi-day trips?

We always use double kayaks that are more stable than single kayaks. While the Bay of Fundy can provide some extreme conditions, we have our guest's safety as a top priority by keeping them informed on the weather. If our Lead Guide(s) say it is too wavy or windy, we work to tell everyone with lots of time in advance, so alternative plans can be made. 

Is it wavy when kayaking?

Appropriate hiking clothing and hiking boots

Sleeping bag and mat


Water bottle

Medication (if needed)

What should guests bring along?

You will see that different tours or courses have been rated for difficulty. Below are the levels and their descriptions:

Level 1 - Easy

These experiences require little to no physical fitness and are suitable for anyone. Weather can be a factor, but generally doesn't make the tour any more difficult. No previous experience is necessary. You may experience uneven or slippery terrain.

Level 2 - Easy+
These experiences require very minimal physical fitness and can even be completed by people with mobility issues. Little to no previous experience is necessary. Some aspects of the tour may feel challenging, but in general individuals are able to complete the experience. Weather can make these tours slightly more challenging. Terrain is variable and can be a small challenge for some.

Level 3 - Moderate
These experiences begin to challenge individuals. Previous experience is encouraged, but not required. Duration of the trips can change depending on the the fitness levels of the participants. Weather can be a factor in making these tours more challenging. Elevation gains and losses are common. Terrain can be challenging with rocks and roots.

Level 4 - Challenging
These experiences are challenging. Previous experience is strongly encouraged and in some aspects of journeys, it is required. Good physical fitness is required. Weather can definitley play a role in the difficulty of the tour. Elevation gains and losses are common. Terrain can be challenging with rocks and roots. Participant (may) sleep in tents. Participants could be carrying backpacks weighing up to 20-25lbs.

Level 5 - Extreme
These tours are challenging, even for experienced outdoors people. Participants could be carrying backpacks weighing 25+lbs. Participants will be sleeping in tents.

What do the difficulty levels of your tours mean?

We prefer you use our equipment, so we can be assured it is maintained to Paddle Canada standards. Our PFDs are also specifically made for kayaking, so we're sure you'll be comfortable.

I have my own PFD, can I just wear that?

This trip is Level 2, Easy to Moderate. Participants will be picked up at the Saint John Airport the day before the trip begins, greeted by their local guide, and transported to their overnight accommodations at the Saint John Hilton. (Transfer and hotel costs are included in the trip price.)

This is an active trip with easy hikes and walks of 2-4 hours on four of the seven full days and shorter walks on two days. Our sea-kayaking adventure is a gentle one that emphasizes safety and is led by a professional guide; no previous kayaking experience is necessary. On Day 5 we go whale-watching for two and a half hours; participants should bring appropriate medication if motion sickness might be an issue.

What is the trip Level 2 mean?

Coastal New Brunswick enjoys a mild climate in the summers, with an average daily high in June and early July around 18.5°C (mid-60s°F). In August, the highs can average 26°C (upper-70s°F), while the lows at night average around 13°C (mid-50s°F). As with any coastal region, wind and rain are always a possibility, along with Atlantic fog. Be sure to bring layers for both warmth and protection against rain.

What's the weather like?

A float suit is a full-body, one-piece insulated garment. It protects the wearer from cold weather and water. It is also designed to offer flotation to anyone who finds theselves in the water.

On warmer days, float suits aren't necessary and we will provide guests with appropriate PFDs.

For the Scenic Coastline Boat Tours, what is a float suit?